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Common Technology Problems Facing Small Business

Stock Market AnalysisAre technology problems holding your business back from success?

Technology is an invaluable, fundamental component of business. It has the ability to break the barriers of distance, and to connect people to information in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago.

Yet, at same time, when technology problems arise, so do our frustrations. Because of the dependency placed on technology in business, the technical issues decrease productivity and limit the ability to meet objectives and serve customers well.

Technology isn’t a solution for better business; it’s more like a piece of the business puzzle. The technology piece serves a specific purpose, but cannot fulfill its role properly if other aspects of the puzzle are missing.

Here’s a quick look at the most common technology problems, or what you can consider the other pieces of the puzzle. When theses areas are aligned, technology problems will decrease, productivity will increase, and your employees will thank you.


For years, businesses only needed to focus on structured data sets, but unstructured data (social media, text communication, multimedia, etc.) now makes up more than half of the data accessible for today’s businesses. The sheer volume of information coming in and going out of businesses is continuing to rise. Effectively handle the data being generated by implementing proper data storage. But more than where data is coming from, use the growing volume data sources to make better business decisions through analysis. Because data without analysis is untapped potential.


Despite what you learned on the playground, all technology doesn’t play nice together. New and old systems often conflict with one another. Integrating systems and applications will always be a complex process, but they don’t have to be painful. Focus first on understanding the platforms themselves, what they integrate best with, and the updates that may be required. Your business can minimize major technology problems by carefully moving through the implementation process.


At some point, you’ve likely heard the complaints from employees regarding the speed of technology. It’s one of the most common technology problems that businesses face. It’s also one of the most frustrating aspects of technology for employees. The speed of your systems can be improved with regular updates, added memory, improved storage and a frequent performance analysis of the overall health of your operations.


No matter the industry you fall into, security threats are a continuous concern and point of vulnerability. And while security issues begin as technology problems, they can quickly spiral into problems for your brand and reputation. While you can’t guard your business completely from security threats, you can put protective measures in place. Work with your IT team and service providers to understand your potential risks (confidential documents, customer information, employee records, etc.) and the measures needed to protect your business.

Technology is imperfect. Problems will always surface because technology is continuously being molded and improved upon. The best thing you can do for your business is to stop focusing on singular technology problems. Rather than addressing issues one-by-one, step back and evaluate the technology problems and inefficiencies collectively. Remember, technology problems that surface in business are often a symptom of deeper issues within business and IT operations.

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