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PhishPoint: Phishing Scam Attack Of The Week On Office 365 Users

  • August 28, 2018

Our topic today are the sharks in our digital waters this week. The latest Microsoft phishing attack, dubbed “PhishPoint,” demonstrates the lengthy extents in which cyber criminals will go to obtain confidential information.

In the most recent PhishPoint security breach, these hackers were able to use Microsoft’s Online platform to gain this information from users.

Here’s what happened and most importantly, here’s how you can protect this from happening to you, your employees or your clients if you’re an Office 365 User.

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Ransomware Attacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated

  • August 23, 2018


You’ve probably seen articles about a recent cyber attack on LinkedIn or while scrolling through your social media news feed, and think that ransomware is limited to email scams like phishing.

But in this article, we’re going to address different types of ransomware attacks, how they’re growing in complexity and demand, and how you can protect yourself from these increasingly clever and potentially business-ending cyber attacks.

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6 Women Who Are Crushing It In The Tech World Today

  • July 26, 2018

Women And Tech

In honor of the upcoming Women’s Equality Day on August 26 being, we’re recognizing six of the most inspiring women working in Tech today.

With this post, we’re hoping that more girls will take interest in STEM, follow the path paved by these Technology Queens, and – in the words of another queen – run the world.

We salute you!

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7 Ways Your IT Services Provider Should Be Protecting You Against Ransomware

  • June 28, 2018

ransomwareRansomware is, without a doubt, the biggest threat to small businesses today.  One wrong click and a business could be locked out of their critical data and held hostage to hackers.

With the risks to business and the increased focus of international, federal and state lawmakers on data breaches, CEOs can’t afford to look the other way when it comes to cyber security any longer.

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How To Unplug, Turn Off, And Be Present On Your 2018 Summer Vacation

  • June 19, 2018

When it's time to turn off and unplug for summer vacation.

Get ready to leave the world of constant notifications behind and enjoy your tech-free summer vacation with your family?

Here’s a crash course on how to turn off technology and unplug from the office, social media, and other distractions that keep you from being present with your family and friends on your summer vacation.

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Act To Strengthen Identity Theft Protections

  • April 19, 2018

Social Media For Law Firms And CybersecurityOn January 8, 2018 Attorney General Josh Stein and Representative Jason Saine announced legislation to strengthen protection against identity theft. There are several key items in this legislation that could have a direct impact on businesses here in North Carolina.

Back in February, I wrote a blog post that detailed the need-to-know information regarding North Carolina’s 2017 Security Breach Report. In this original blog post, I reported that more than 1,000 data breaches were reported to the North Carolina Department of Justice in 2017.

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New Orleans, Marcus Luttrell And Talent Acquisition

  • March 20, 2018

Hiring TalentNew Orleans, Marcus Luttrell and Talent Acqusition; three seemingly random topics that intersected for me in early March. See, I was fortunate to be invited to speak at MSPWorld®, the premier conference for managed services professionals (MSP). The conference was created by MSPs, for MSPs, and driven by those with real-world experiences and successes in the managed services industry.

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Manage Storage Availability With TreeSize

  • March 1, 2018

Install TreeSizeWe now operate in a world of gigabytes, terabytes and petabytes of data. The volume of information we are able to store is ever-increasing, yet one problem will continue to surface: hard drive storage always ends up reaching a level of maximum capacity.

The limitations of hard drive storage will always be present, but now with TreeSize, users can have a clear picture of available storage and the applications acting as storage hogs!

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