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Using Cloud Communications

Lstar is a real estate investment and community development company based in Raleigh. They have one main office and four other offices, as well as many remote sites which all need to be in close communication.

For years the offices had been connected through a PBX phone system, which at one time had been state of the art but did not offer many of the modern calling features like video conferencing, extension dialing between offices or conference calling. Worst of all, calls between offices were long distance.

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Collaboration For AEC firms

BIM Glue 360BIM 360 Glue, a cloud-based construction visualization suite that allows team members to access and alter designs in real time from almost anywhere.

At Technology Associates, we work with a variety of clients who operate in many different industries, each with its own process and workflows.  We take pride in helping each customer we support by understanding their unique requirements and helping them to leverage technology.

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First Insurance Services: A Conversion Story

First Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency made up of skilled commercial and personal insurance specialists. A long-time client, we’ve helped First Insurance Services as their outsourced IT partner since the days of the first networks.

Back in the day, First Insurance Services was forced to rely heavily on the use of paper—lots of hard copies required loads of manpower just to handle the mountain of paper circulating between insured, agent and carrier. In the late ’90s, First Insurance, recognizing the inefficiency of this system, decided to make the leap to a networked environment to allow digital sharing and cut back on paper usage.

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Edwards, Inc.: A Seamless Migration

edwards, incNot all IT providers are created equal. We all tend to come at problems with different goals, mindsets and methods.

At Technology Associates, we are future- and business-focused, always aiming to find a solution that will serve your business in the long-term. Our priority is to show clients we have their best interests at heart, and the Edwards, Inc., success story is living proof.

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We Have The Best Clients!

IMG_5096We have to take a moment to brag: We seriously have the best clients. They get us and we get them. Partnerships and collaborations every step of the way.

In the sometimes crazy world of Managed Services it can be hard to know when you are WOWing a customer – normally when a client calls us something isn’t quite right and needs attention.  But when a customer goes out of their way to show their appreciation for the job you are doing, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Durham County ABC

Durham ABC Board LogoWorking with the Durham County ABC Board to implement our InSight process has been rewarding. Making predictable and steady progress each quarter, we started to see fewer issues while gaining better command of their technology and understanding their business.

When they put a major system upgrade on the radar recently, we were excited to sink our teeth into a “big picture” project. The goal was to upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) systems together, while at the same time complete a much-needed hardware refresh, all without disrupting Durham County ABC’s retail and wholesale operation. OH, and get all this done prior to their busiest time of the year!

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A Migration For McAdams Company

McAdams CompanyAt Technology Associates, one of our goals is to work with each and every client to ensure their business needs are proactively planned for. We call this ever-evolving, always-ongoing process “InSight” due to its ability to shed light on our clients’ specific needs.

Our InSight process recently helped McAdams Company, one of the largest infrastructure design firms in North Carolina, identify a need within their business and seamlessly put a solution in place.

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TA Welcomes: ECM Solutions

Technology Associates is excited to announce our partnership with ECM Solutions marks our first official client as apart of our expansion into the Charlotte market.

ECM Solutions is the largest independent insurance agency in North and South Carolina servicing over 6,000 clients. They are based in Charlotte, NC and also have an office in Greenville, SC. It was founded in 1987 by Arnold Edwards, Bart Church, and Jim Muse. With over 70 employees, ECM Solutions features a personal lines department, property and casualty department, benefits department, and financial services department.

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