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Common Technology Problems Facing Small Business

Stock Market AnalysisAre technology problems holding your business back from success?

Technology is an invaluable, fundamental component of business. It has the ability to break the barriers of distance, and to connect people to information in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago.

Yet, at same time, when technology problems arise, so do our frustrations. Because of the dependency placed on technology in business, the technical issues decrease productivity and limit the ability to meet objectives and serve customers well.

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Leadership Mistakes To Avoid

Leaders Also Make MistakesHighly-effective leaders have a common thread running through their veins. No matter their industry or business size, effective leaders are driven, innovative, intelligent and results-oriented. Yet even in their accomplishments, effective leaders are also human. They make mistakes, and they have shortcomings.

The best way to overcome leadership weaknesses is to first recognize the mistakes themselves. Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you are brand new to the role, it’s important to know the common leadership mistakes to avoid or improve upon.

Mistakes are inevitable, but your leadership success will be determined by how you recover and improve upon those mistakes. The four mistakes compiled here revolve around your companies most valued asset, your employees.

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6 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Business

Happy New YearHow did 2018 get here so quickly?

We probably aren’t the only ones asking ourselves that question this time of year. Somehow 2017 flew by, like all years seem to do, and here we are faced with a new year, filled with blank pages and open opportunities to fulfill. You’ve likely got personal resolutions you’re striving to see through this year, but what about business resolutions?

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Advancing Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare And Artificial IntelligenceTechnology is evolving at a rapid speed, and the rate of change is forcing all industries to evaluate how businesses are run and how customers are served. No longer is it an option to think of the digital and physical world as separate entities. The digital footprint tells a story, and it’s a story the healthcare industry should be tapping into.

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Lessons Learned For Smarter Business

Business InsightsI’ve always operated under the belief that we can’t provide the type of strategy and guidance that has a real impact without first taking a deeper dive into what makes a business tick – their strengths, goals and position in the market.

Fortunately, we’ve had a chance to do exactly that for the past 20 years for some of the best and brightest business leaders of the Triangle. Those partnerships have created a deep understanding of our customers and along the way they’ve taught me lessons that have helped guide my business.

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It’s Time To Evaluate Your Digital Strategy

Business PlanningDigital technology has redefined the way businesses do business. Whether it’s social, mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, the digital age is here and it’s here to stay.

The digital takeover, whether we like it or not, has converted all businesses – healthcare, engineering, retail and more – into technology-driven businesses. The power of technology and the expectations from customers now means that embracing digital into business operations is no longer optional; it’s required in order to reach long-term success.

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Is Your IT Strategy Working?

Managed Services

All too often the decisions companies make around technology are not strategic and are done with little understanding of the impact technology will have on the company at large.

Businesses must change their technology mindset; it’s not just an added cost or line item to expenses. The technology you deploy within your organization has a direct impact on effectively and efficiently achieving business goals.

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What You Need To Know About Cloud Security

Cloud technology is where majority of businesses are turning to store their data these days, and it makes sense why. With easier access, lower storage costs and a platform for sharing information globally, there are advantages to be had to moving to the cloud. But we can’t think about cloud technology in a vacuum. If we talk cloud, we’ve also got to talk security too.

As you evaluate cloud deployments for your organization and integrate the technology into your business operations, be sure you’ve considered all aspects of what it means to work in and store data from the cloud.

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Is Your Business Prepared To Handle Hurricane Irma?

Less than a week after Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Louisiana, causing at least 60 deaths and billions of dollars in damages, Hurricane Irma appears ready to make U.S. history.

Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane and is expected to hit Florida with a direct impact. Irma’s maximum sustained winds should decrease as the hurricane moves northward.
But don’t let your guard down as Irma will still pose a major threat of storm surge, damaging winds and rainfall flooding. Are you ready for the blow?
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What To Look For In A Technology Partner

IT service providers are known for trying to up sell, oversell, over-commit and under deliver. Decisions are made out of reactive necessity rather than proactive thought leadership.

You wish you could rely on internal staff but your business is growing and your IT department is overwhelmed. So how do you find a technology provider who you can trust to help you reach your goals? You search for an IT partner.

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