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Brett Cockrell Promoted To InSight Engineer

Brett CockrellAt Technology Associates, each and every one of us is accountable for delivering excellence every day. And our own Brett Cockrell has taken this commitment personally, which has earned him the position of InSight Engineer.

Brett impresses his colleagues and our clients time and again. He excelled in his support role, which presented him with increasing opportunities to engage with critical client projects–and he exceeded expectations every time.

We believe moving Brett into the role of InSight Engineer is the perfect opportunity for him to exercise his strengths and further deliver excellence and results to our clients.

As InSight Engineer, Brett will take on network administrator responsibilities and work with clients to implement best practices. By applying TA’s proven InSight process to reduce technology risks and improve efficiency, he’ll ensure customer satisfaction–something Brett will deliver effortlessly. Congratulations, Brett!

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