3 Tips To Keep Your Business From Getting Stuck


Getting snowed in got CEO Eric Hobbs thinking about how businesses can easily get stuck and provides tips on how to dig out.

I was in Philly meeting with peers this week and as you can see, I didn’t make it out in time!! Good news is that I had two extra days to reflect on what I learned from my peers and spend a few uninterrupted days charting the path for my own business.

It struck me that my own circumstances mimicked the frustrations of several of my peers and many other business owners I know; that of being stuck, not being able to get where you want to go in the timeframe you want to get there.

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Durham County ABC

Durham ABC Board LogoWorking with the Durham County ABC Board to implement our InSight process has been rewarding. Making predictable and steady progress each quarter, we started to see fewer issues while gaining better command of their technology and understanding their business.

When they put a major system upgrade on the radar recently, we were excited to sink our teeth into a “big picture” project. The goal was to upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) systems together, while at the same time complete a much-needed hardware refresh, all without disrupting Durham County ABC’s retail and wholesale operation. OH, and get all this done prior to their busiest time of the year!

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Meet Wes – InSight Implementer

Wes FieldsWe’ve been lucky enough to have Wes Fields with us at Technology Associates for three years.

He represents a key step in the InSight process and embodies our commitment to growth and learning. Read on to hear Wes’s take on InSight and learn more about how a Project Implementer helps our clients.

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Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 7

Have you upgraded to Windows 10?

We know, we know. It’s not at the top of your priority list, but this upgrade is inevitable for some folks. While it’s in your best interest, we understand, the last thing you want to think about is learning the new interface.

Not to worry. Turns out you can make Windows 10 look like Windows 7.

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How To Create A Pivot Table In Excel

Excel TableIn this video, we will show you some great tips to help you get the most out of pivot tables, an excellent tool for organizing and analyzing data.

We’ve received requests from clients asking how to create and use pivot tables on Excel. In this video, we will show you some great tips to help you get the most out of pivot tables, an excellent tool for organizing and analyzing data.

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A Migration For McAdams Company

McAdams CompanyAt Technology Associates, one of our goals is to work with each and every client to ensure their business needs are proactively planned for. We call this ever-evolving, always-ongoing process “InSight” due to its ability to shed light on our clients’ specific needs.

Our InSight process recently helped McAdams Company, one of the largest infrastructure design firms in North Carolina, identify a need within their business and seamlessly put a solution in place.

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App Of The Month: TeamViewer

Here at Technology Associates, we are always looking for ways to help our clients leverage technology – especially in ways that you may not have even thought of!

Since the majority of our clients (and everyone else) spend a ton of time on their phones each day, we thought we would look for ways to possibly make your phone work even harder for you. Based on staff recommendations, we have chosen the TeamViewer App as our first App of the Month.

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Brett Cockrell Promoted To InSight Engineer

Brett CockrellAt Technology Associates, each and every one of us is accountable for delivering excellence every day. And our own Brett Cockrell has taken this commitment personally, which has earned him the position of InSight Engineer.

Brett impresses his colleagues and our clients time and again. He excelled in his support role, which presented him with increasing opportunities to engage with critical client projects–and he exceeded expectations every time.

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TA Company Holiday Party 2015

Technology Associates Xmas Party 2015It’s that time of year again! The gifts are being wrapped, the trees are decorated, and our break room is filled with treats. This year, we enjoyed treats aplenty for our annual holiday party hosted at the beautiful Bridge Club in downtown Raleigh.

We feasted on Southern comfort food favorites served family style as we looked back on the past year and celebrated successes and another great year together as a team. We welcomed newcomers and recognized those who have been with us the longest.

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Avoid Wire Transfer Scam Emails

phishing scamSeveral customers have reported receiving fraudulent emails of a specific type recently. Please read the following so you can be on the lookout for these types of emails.

Here’s The Deal

The email will appear to come from your CEO/President/someone high up in your company. It will appear to have come from their actual email address and will be a very plain email, no attachments, nothing special, stating that they need to get a wire transfer out to a client or vendor. These emails are usually being sent to someone in the company who is in charge of money; apparently they are doing their research beforehand.

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