IT Support – more than just closing tickets

When businesses think about IT Support they almost always gravitate towards the subject of monitoring, response times and closing tickets – the reactive stuff.

While most IT Providers will tell you that ‘monitoring’ is part of their ‘proactive’ service offering, this simply isn’t the case – knowing about problems quickly is still reactive.  Preventing those problems from happening in the first place, that’s proactive!

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Inside the Hunt for Russia’s Most Notorious Hacker

The ‘Russian Hacker’ has garnered a lot of attention lately, especially related to the most recent election.  Politics aside, there is a great article on WIRED detailing the fight against one of the most notorious Russian hackers, how their inner circle of hackers came to be and their involvement in one of the most prolific and effective malware systems known to date.

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AWS Outage

On Tuesday (02/28/17) Amazon Web Services had a problem.  Problems like this are all too common in the technology space but this one is was a doozy and raises questions about the, often ignored, risks of cloud services.

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IT Outsourcing Risks

I was fortunate enough to be asked to give a brief talk on IT Outsourcing (something near and dear to my heart) by Insperity.

Along with Beth Mullaney from Rankin McKenzie and Jaimie Kasopsky from Insperity, I discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing at the Business Owners: Outsourcing 101 – IT, HR, and CFO Functions event at the City Club in Raleigh

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Fake W-2 Requests nets a victim

phishing scamWe warned about this latest phishing tactic back in January and not one week later a breach occurred at a hospital.  Business that handle personal data are always extra cautious about data leaks which is why this case is so interesting.

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Time Warner/Spectrum in hot water for “Ripping You Off”

New York Attorney General lays it out there with his statement “”The allegations in today’s lawsuit confirm what millions of New Yorkers have long suspected — Spectrum-Time Warner Cable has been ripping you off.”

The AG goes on to say that Spectrum-TWC conducted a “systematic scheme to defraud and mislead subscribers to its internet service by promising to deliver internet service that it knew it could not and would not deliver.”

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Distributed DOS Attacks and Cloud Adoption

As more and more businesses leverage cloud technologies I’m confident we will see a shift from more targeted attacks to more distributed attacks in the future.  We are already starting to see more and more of these distributed denial of service attacks with their frequency and severity appearing to increase with each new iteration.

Here’s what you need to know…

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Fake W-2 Requests

Recently we’ve heard about fake e-mails being sent out by identity thieves requesting copies of W-2s for review.  This being tax season make this tactic especially believable.

Make sure you and your team are aware of this scam so you don’t fall prey.

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Linking to External Documents from Excel

In a meeting with a local business recently I was asked if there is an easy way to “link” external documents, ex: Word documents, PDFs, other spreadsheets, from within a spreadsheet.  The use case was a master agreement spreadsheet in which each line had supporting documentation that was maintained outside of the spreadsheet.  The user wanted an easy way to organize these other resources and provide convenient links right from the mast spreadsheet.

Luckily there is an easy way to do this.  Here’s how…

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