Part 2: The Manager’s Guide–The Year End Checklist For Accountants

In the first part of this series, we offered a Manager’s guide year end planning to getting your employees ready for 2019. Now, here’s the Manager’s guide to a year end checklist for accountants. Let’s take a closer look at what you should do to make sure that your books are ready for the end of the…

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Upcoming Webinar: Re-Inspired Networking – How To Network And Become A Magnetic, Irreplaceable Resource Within Your Professional Network.

Title: Cyber Fortress – Data Protection For Your Business

Date and Time: Tuesday, January 15, 2019, from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
Presenter: Will Barfield, CEO of Barfield Revenue Consulting
Moderator: Eric Hobbs, CEO of Technology Associates
Cost: FREE, compliments of Technology Associates

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Manager’s Guide Part 1: Small Business Taxes Preparation Checklist — Employees

In an ideal world, all businesses have to do to as the year winds to a close is to count their profits and start prepping for their Christmas and New Year parties. But it takes a lot more than that to get your business ready for 2019, which is why we’ve built out our Small Business…

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The Benefits Of Blockchain Technology For Accounting Firms: Is It A Game-Changer?

Blockchain technology for accounting firms: The explosion of cryptocurrency propelled blockchain technology into the mainstream, and tech-savvy accountants were quick to recognize how it seamlessly integrates with their profession. The auditing world’s Big Four and other early adopters have started experimenting with blockchain way ahead of everybody else.  What are the benefits of blockchain technology for accounting firms…

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Data Privacy For Lawyers: How Lawyers Should Protect Client Information And Confidentiality

Whether you’re a legal administrator, office administrator or managing partner in your law firm, you need to lead the charge to create awareness around data privacy for lawyers in your firm. Examining the reasons behind cyber insurance claims, the numbers reveal that the biggest threat accounting firms face is internal — the lack of training…

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3 Productivity Tips For CPAs This Tax Season

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes” — so the old proverb goes. However, for many accountants, the meticulous work that goes into preparing their clients’ tax returns can oftentimes feel like death. With Americans spending a whopping 6 billion hours preparing tax returns, it comes as no surprise that more taxpayers turn to the services of…

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A Year-End Checklist For Businesses: 6 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do Before 2019

Year end checklist for businesses: Each year, businesses—regardless of size—have to reevaluate how they play the game with a year-end checklist. Whether you’re a multi-billion conglomerate like Apple, who came under fire this year for transparency issues; or a growing startup like Deciem, whose ever-popular skincare line The Ordinary was scrutinized because of their CEO’s erratic behavior on social media,…

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Work Life Balance Tips For CEOs: So You Can Actually Enjoy The Holidays

This post has useful and very practical work life balance tips for CEOs as well as for the millions of Americans who mark the start of their Holiday season with an online search for “work life balance tips.” Because chances are you’ve been that person at a party who’s hunched over their smartphone answering work…

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