10 Years Seems Like Yesterday

In January, we celebrated a very special anniversary for a very special person.  Jeff Doggendorf joined our team on February 1st 2008 and this year marks his 10th year with Technology Associates.

Jeff started back in what we loving refer to the “bad old days.” In those days we were small, everyone had to do a bit of everything.  We didn’t have processes or procedures and we were running from one emergency to the next.  To say that each day was an adventure, well that would be an understatement!

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Are You Prepared for GDPR?

Is your data being protected? Are you protecting the data of employees and customers? Effective May 2018, new regulations will be set regarding data privacy and how personal data is accessed, collected, handled and used. That new regulation is known as…

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The Role that Makes the Difference

Here at Technology Associates we have a role that rarely exist in other IT Services firms, and if it does, I’m confident it isn’t given the same level of focus and discipline it is given here. What makes this position even more radical in our industry is that we don’t charge our customer by the hour for this type of service. And that, I’m told, is next to sacrilege in the IT industry.

But, this role is THE reason businesses have selected Technology Associates over other options.  And, it is our secret weapon that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on our customers.

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Hobbs 360: Our 2018 Outlook

This is the first installment of our leadership series, Hobbs 360, offering perspective from CEO Eric Hobbs. This series gives a high-level, leadership viewpoint of Technology Associates – our business, our focus areas, our customers and our outlook on the…

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