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Best Writing Apps For Business On Your iPhone Or iPad

Email is important and universally applied, serving as a writing environment that offers document and task management tools. The navigation options and integration with contacts and calendars improve organization and collaboration in business.

Due to the amount of time people spend writing in business, a similar unified system makes sense for word processing, right? Well, yes. Let’s explore some integrated apps for writing, storing documents, and managing tasks that will improve organization and productivity.

Here are my favorite apps that combine word processing with document and task management for work on-the-go:

1Writer is a rich-featured Markdown and text editor app that combines basic text editing features that you expect with all the advanced functions you will ever need. Using the app, you can generate and edit plain text or Markdown files, insert images, preview formatted results, add custom items via JavaScript, send text to 1Writer from other apps, research info in the built-in web browser, bookmark websites, sync with Dropbox or iCloud Drive, export documents as plain text or PDF and much more.


Ulysses app is a clean and intuitive workspace that offers distraction-free writing and effective document management. In complex documents, you can group different sections and collapse the groups you’re not working on, attach notes, add bookmarks, annotate and comment, search and replace and create a glossary of keywords. Also, you can organize all your projects in one place, transform your text into PDFs and Word documents that are properly formatted and styled, import and export to Dropbox, publish HTML on the web and so much more.


iA Writer is one of the best word processing apps available. The app’s best feature is focus mode. It keeps the paragraph you are working on in the center of the page and graying out everything else. Also, it breaks down your writing by color coding verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives and conjunctions, making it easier to edit. Although iA Writer doesn’t compare to Ulysses in terms of organizing and arranging files, you still have access to many of the same advanced features at a much more affordable price.


Bear is what Notes should have been and still aspires to be. The award-winning app is best known for combining the organization experience from note-taking apps with the distraction-free, speed intensive experience from writer apps. Bear supports Markdown and includes a variety of themes and advanced writing features. Although the app is fairly new, the right balance of features, design, ease of use, and price truly set Bear apart.


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