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Avoid Wire Transfer Scam Emails

phishing scamSeveral customers have reported receiving fraudulent emails of a specific type recently. Please read the following so you can be on the lookout for these types of emails.

Here’s The Deal

The email will appear to come from your CEO/President/someone high up in your company. It will appear to have come from their actual email address and will be a very plain email, no attachments, nothing special, stating that they need to get a wire transfer out to a client or vendor. These emails are usually being sent to someone in the company who is in charge of money; apparently they are doing their research beforehand.

What To Look Out For

First off, wire transfer emails in general. Especially if you don’t use that form of payment at your company. Second, if you hit “reply” to the email, look at the “reply to” email address – in all the cases we have seen, the email address will have changed; for example “From:” “Reply to:” or something COMPLETELY different. Either way they are hoping you won’t notice.

What To Do

If you get an email about a wire transfer and are unsure, send a new email to the person who supposedly sent it and ask them if they sent you an email about a wire transfer. If they did not, put in a ticket with our Helpdesk Team by emailing support, calling our support line, or by using the green “T” icon on your desktop. Fortunately, these emails are basically junk – unless you continue to email them and actually wire them money, the emails are harmless.

Here’s a few samples of these types of emails we have seen:

fraud email 1

As you can see, they are very casual and straight forward looking. No reason to assume any foul play.

fraud email 2This example is quite sophisticated. They even imitated the real sender’s signature line and if you will see, all they did was take away the word “the” before the company name in their fake “reply to” email address.

If you have any further questions on this matter, please let us know!

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