App of the Month: TeamViewer

Here at Technology Associates, we are always looking for ways to help our clients leverage technology – especially in ways that you may not have even thought of! Since the majority of our clients (and everyone else) spend a ton of time on their phones each day, we thought we would look for ways to possibly make your phone work even harder for you. Based on staff recommendations, we have chosen the TeamViewer App as our first App of the Month.

While the TeamViewer software has many functionalities, the app can be especially helpful for remotely accessing your work computer or your home computer with all of its documents and installed applications while on the go. It’s like having your entire desktop in your pocket! You can check your email and have access to all of your files or other software that is specific to your company all on your smartphone or tablet. The best part: it’s free for personal use!

Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

1. On Your Computer – Download TeamViewer All-In-One full version (click here to download) and start the software. Record “Your ID” and “Password.”

step 1 teamviewer

2. On Your Mobile Device – Install and start the TeamViewer app, available in most App stores including those for Android and iPhones.

step 2 teamviewer

3. Connect – From your mobile device, enter the ID and password of the remote computer that you recorded in step 1. You can now control your computer as if you were sitting right in front of it!

step 3 teamviewer


It’s as simple as that! You can find out more about the TeamViewer app on their website by clicking here. 

Let us know how TeamViewer works for you. Until then, we will see you next time for our next App of the Month suggestion!

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