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Evernote: Organize Your To-Dos

Surrounded by notes, lists and other bits of info you told yourself to go back read? Us too. Because of this, Evernote is our go-to app this month—and likely many months to come.

In Evernote, you can create multiple notebooks to store receipts, web “clippings,” articles, boarding passes, recipes… the list goes on, but you get the idea. Those who love to categorize and de-clutter can rejoice in filing away odd bits of information until they become relevant. You can store your personal wish lists and “to-read” lists alongside notebooks for professional ventures and tasks.

How does it work for us? Our CEO Eric Hobbs played with Evernote in the past but had always preferred his handy spiral notebook approach to note-taking. After reading Getting Things Done by David Allen it was clear that he needed a better tool.

Evernote fits the bill, especially when using tags to help categorize action items by context. After entering notes, Eric tags them with when (ex: now, this week, soon, someday), who (client or person’s name) and where (home, office, computer, etc.). Then, using Evernote’s search function, he can easily pull up the “Now/Computer” list when he’s ready to tackle action items and start mowing through the work.

While we have an extensive ticketing system at Technology Associates, often action items Eric needs tracked don’t really belong in our ticketing system, so having Evernote to capture the “other stuff” is a huge help.

If your New Year’s resolution to become an organization guru in 2016 is already fizzling out, we recommend downloading this ultra-handy tool that makes it easy to store references, notes and lists all on one app. You can find it on any major app store and it works on most devices, so you can access your information seamlessly across platforms. Not to mention, it’s free!

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