A Migration for McAdams Company

At Technology Associates, one of our goals is to work with each and every client to ensure their business needs are proactively planned for. We call this ever-evolving, always-ongoing process “InSight” due to its ability to shed light on our clients’ specific needs.

Our InSight process recently helped McAdams Company, one of the largest infrastructure design firms in North Carolina, identify a need within their business and seamlessly put a solution in place.

McAdams Company’s designated virtual Chief InSight Officer (vCIO) from Technology Associates recognized the company was rapidly reaching capacity of their local email server. The company was expanding in size and needed a way to effectively communicate and chat with their remote workforce. Several chat clients and options were considered. McAdams Company needed a chat client with screen sharing capabilities. Office 365 was reviewed and considered based on the ability to host email and provide streamlined Office updates.

Ultimately, our team recommended email hosting and office apps provided by Intermedia as the best choice for McAdams. This hosted email service is HIPAA-compliant and provides a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Intermedia Lync (now Skype For Business) was chosen for the chat client as it allowed sync sharing and file sharing capabilities for their rapidly increasing staff. When the day arrived for the exchange migration, our team was ready to execute. The migration was set to take place overnight, with our staff scheduled to be on site the next morning to finalize the process. Our precise planning involved informing the entire McAdams Company staff of exactly what to expect, including documentation on how to access their email during the transition, so their workflow and productivity were never interrupted.

There is no doubt a hosted email exchange is a huge project, but our InSight process enabled us to make tough decisions simple for our client and provide the support their team needed to stay productive without interruption. All in a day’s work for the Technology Associates team and their InSight process. And thanks to Marc LeBlanc, IT Manager at McAdams, for the kudos:

“I feel very comfortable with Technology Associates helping me manage the technology at McAdams Company. Their proactive approach has been very helpful, eliminating problems before they happen. When I take a vacation day, I don’t worry about the office as much because I know Technology Associates has me covered.”

– Marc LeBlanc, IT Manager, McAdams Company

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