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Are You Running A Patient Organization? 7 Key Truth-Telling Questions To Ask Your Employees By Walt Brown

patient organization 7 questionsThis is a fantastic guest article written by our upcoming Expertise In Business webinar speaker, Walt Brown, Full Time Entrepreneurial Operating System® Implementer. Be sure to sign up for our next webinar, The Patient Organization: Leading With Clarity And Building Loyalty In Your Business.

Take a step back for a moment and allow yourself to envision your ideal employee. What attributes come to mind? Perhaps inspired, diligent, committed, and loyal resonate with you. Being mindful of what employees should embody is fine and well, but it’s far more important as a leader to be mindful of how to encourage your employees to actually demonstrate these attributes.

Through my years working with leadership teams, I have narrowed down what employees of any generation look for in their workplace. I’ve used these insights to compile 7 questions that employees should be able to answer yes to.  Trust me, if your organization has people, these questions will be relevant.

The Seven Questions:

  1. Do I belong?
  2. Do I believe?
  3. Am I accountable?
  4. Am I measured well?
  5. Is my opinion heard?
  6. Am I developing?
  7. Do I have balance?

Why Those Questions (And “Yes” As An Answer) Matter:

Short answer: When employees can answer yes to those 7 questions- you have a Patient Organization.

Most organizations begin with a dream. You were passionate about a product, service, or cause. Your passion brought you into someone else’s organization, but over time, you became fed up with the mismanagement, missed opportunities and mistreatment; so many misses. So, you developed a vision and became the founder of your own company, your organization.

Unfortunately, like so many others, over time your vision morphed into the exact dysfunction you had escaped. What happened? The way I see it, the root of the problem is that you are not running one Singular organization, your organization, a Patient Organization.

When you have a Patient Organization, you have consistency, which leads to stamina. With stamina comes incredible, repeatable, competitive advantage. Your organization has the endurance to face any storm, any set back, any economic down turn. You have a team fortified with high caliber morale and character that can withstand all kinds of adversity. What do I mean by a Patient Organization?

A Patient Organization:

  • Does not translate to slowness. It’s quite the opposite. It means having a system and a set of decision matrices in place that make it easier to strike when the time is right.
  • Does not put up with jerks. Tolerating jerks is charity and insanity, not patience.
  • Does not mean avoidance. It looks for ways to get through issues, not work around them. It has a system in place that allows leaders to make the tough calls.
  • Does not demonstrate passivity. It’s about doing accompanied by thinking. Patience comes from rising above the system to actively improve it. 

A Patient Organization has moxie, grit, guts, and the courage to take the time to think, combined with one shared plan to get where you want to go and how to get there. The Patient Organization is a model for business that offers a concrete, strategic way to turn your ship around. 

When you become a singular organization, you also become a Patient Organization that is aligned, accountable, authentic and aware. You eliminate dysfunction and achieve significant loyalty and improvement. In other words, in today’s lightning-speed business world, A Patient Organization has the ultimate competitive advantage.

To wrap it all up – an organization is given meaning and power by those who believe in it. When employees can answer yes to all 7 questions- you have a pretty solid indicator that they believe in the organization.

Answering the 7 questions is an ongoing process of attaining and maintaining yes. Join me in my upcoming webinar or check out my book The Patient Organization to find the key to attaining and maintaining yes, and ultimately achieving a Patient Organization.

If this article resonates with where you are in building your business, you won’t want to miss Walt’s webinar on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT, as he dives into The Patient Organization; his dynamic approach to eliminate dysfunction within organizations while achieving significant organizational loyalty and improvement.

walt brown EOS ImplementorMeet Walt

“Seasoned multi-company entrepreneur” is one label that’s been used to describe Walt over the years. Many folks refer to Walt as an entrepreneur, but he insists this is much too generous. “I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. I consider myself someone who is good at seeing existing patterns and pulling them together in logical ways that people are willing to pay for.”

Walt is seven for seven for launching and growing companies. During the last decade, he has helped transform the culture of more than 135 organizations across the country through patience and best-practice exercises. It is his greatest pleasure to ride along with his clients as they think, plan, execute, observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy their fruits of a Patient Organization.

We hope you can join in this awesome upcoming discussion. Sign up for the webinar here!


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