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10 Years Seems Like Yesterday

In January, we celebrated a very special anniversary for a very special person.  Jeff Doggendorf joined our team on February 1st 2008 and this year marks his 10th year with Technology Associates.

Jeff started back in what we loving refer to the “bad old days.” In those days we were small, everyone had to do a bit of everything.  We didn’t have processes or procedures and we were running from one emergency to the next.  To say that each day was an adventure, well that would be an understatement!

It was during Jeff’s first week that we had a server migration project for a customer. Projects at that time, and of that scale, meant working through the night as we waited for data to slowly move from one server to another. And while we waited, we kept our fingers crossed that:

  1. Things wouldn’t blow up.
  2. We’d have enough time to get the migration completed before our customer’s employees showed up the next morning.
  3. We’d some how have enough caffeine on hand to last till daybreak.

I have no idea how we were able to keep Jeff  on staff in those days; blind luck I guess. It was truly a messy time, but I like to think that Jeff stayed because he shared my same vision and somehow knew things could be better and wanted to help.

From “Tech” to Insight Advisor, Jeff has held just about every position in our company – even back when we really didn’t have positions he was there  At some point we got big enough to settle people into defined roles, document processes and set our teams up for success.  With the amount of depth and experience Jeff had helping business owners make good decisions about technology, our advisor role was a perfect fit and one that he continues to perform so well.

Here we are 10 years later and I still remember the all-night server migration like it was yesterday.

There have been many days in between that now blur together or are long forgotten. But Jeff has been there by my side the whole (sometimes painful) way from “me-too-IT-vendor” to the technology solutions provider we are today. I owe Jeff a great deal of thanks for being such an integral part in bringing us to where we are today.

A person like Jeff must be celebrated. And that’s exactly what we did last month with a surprise 10th anniversary celebration. Our team gathered to mark this important milestone. Unfortunately, I was out of town on a server migration (just kidding, it was a meeting with peers from across the country) but was able to record a quick video congratulating Jeff.

We have a lot of exciting things happening here at Technology Associates. And as we work with larger and larger customers with even more complex needs, Jeff helps ensure we are ready to meet the challenges that may rise and provide the very best advice and guidance possible.

Rhetorically, who knows what the future holds?  I for one am looking forward to finding out, and I sincerely hope Jeff is there every step of the way!

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